Suhuba Ya Dai

A East African love song about life’s joys and imperfection, performed by Zanzibari Taraab legend Bi Kidude. Kidude passed away in April 2013 at well over 100 years old. Here is remembrance by a documentarian who recently produced a movie about Kidude called “Old As My Tongue.”

Country: Tanzania/Zanzibar
Language: Kiswahili
Genre: Taraab

Lyrics of All Around This World version

Suhuba ya dai, suhuba ya dai, suhuba ya dai, suhuba ya dai
I have to tell you there is too much talking
You’re in my heart now I can not let you leave
I can not let you leave, I can not let you leave!
You must remember, not everything is useful
All that is useful, is for you to love me

Bi Kidude sings Suhuba Ya Dai

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(c) Buda Musique. Translation and arrangement by Jay Sand with permission

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