COUNTRY: Russia/Tuva

GENRE: Tuvan throat singing

A traditional Tuvan love song we first heard on the Smithsonian Folkways recording, “Musics of the Soviet Union,” listed as “Song from Khomeizhi.” The chadagan is a Tuvan instrument resembling a zither.

[Let Alash Ensemble introduce you to Tuvan throat singing.]

Lyrics of the All Around This World version:

When I play my chadagan for you, darling you will know my love is true

Joy will keep my chadagan in tune, when I play my chadagan for you
Chadagan, my chadagan, chadagan, my chadagan.

The original lyrics:

Khöömejimni kagbazy
Khönü chitpes chadaganym
Khölchüng kara urug-bile
Khöörezhiir chadaganym

Kargyraamny kagbazy
Khazhy berbes chadaganym
Kap-la kara uru-bile
Kharyylzazhyyr chadaganym

Charash kyska ayan tudar
Chadaganym iji chevi
Avamainyng törüp kaany
Amyrga deg khörek-chüreem.

It is my chadagan
Always with my khöömei
And never tunes out
It is my chadagan
Talks and jokes
With my sweetheart.

It is my chadagan
Always with my kargyraa
And never alters my tune
It is my chadagan
Helps me to get relationship
With my darling.

My chadagan’s songs are here
to enjoy my beautiful girl.
And my heart that songs like a pipe,
It was born by my mother.


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