Mento Star

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COUNTRY: Jamaica
LANGUAGE: Jamaican Patois

GENRE: Mento

This is a mento song credited to “Lord Composer,” found on “Take Me to Jaimaica: The Story of Jamaican Mento.” Mento is a pre-ska, pre-reggae form of Jamaican folk music that blends traditions brought to Jamaica by West Indian African with more European folk.

[wpspoiler name=”Listen to Lord Composer and The Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra perform Gal A Gully, an inspiration for Mento Star” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”Lyrics of All Around This World version” style=”aatw-other” open=”true”]If you want to be a mento star,
If you want to be a mento star,
then show me your motion.
Oh oh oh Molly
Show me your motion Molly[/wpspoiler]

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