Diwali Aayee


Diwali (or “Deepavali”) is the Hindu “Festival of Lights,” an exuberant holiday full of food, fireworks and fun. It is an ancient holiday, and has developed over more than a thousand years to become a beloved festival with different religious and cultural meaning depending on who is celebrating (Jains, Sikhs and Newar Buddhists also value the holiday, among others) and in what part of the world. All iterations of Diwali celebrate “light,” in its physical and metaphoric forms, with diyas (lamps) and candles marking the path to enlightenment through knowledge, and the triumph of “light” (good) over the darkness of evil.

The first version we heard was on the CD “Hindi Nursery Rhymes” performed by Bollywood playback singer Preeti_Sagar.

Diwali aayee, Diwali aayee,
KhusheeyoM kee bahaara laayee,
Dhuma DhaDaka, Dhuma DhaDaka ,
Chakree bhama haavaaee,
Isase bachanaa bhaaee.

Translation into English

Divali has arrived,
Has brought lots of happiness,
Sound of crackers exploding (Dhuma DhaDaka, Dhuma DhaDaka)
Names of exploding crackers,
Be careful from them.

Lyrics of the All Around This World version:
Everybody loves Diwali
Dhuma DhaDaka Dum, Dhuma DhaDaka Dum
Everyone loves Diwali, everyone loves Diwali

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