Kipenzi Changu

An All Around This World classroom and homeschool lesson from Kenya -- "Kipenzi Changu" -- an African marriage song

An African marriage song by Kenyan guitarist and songwriter, David Nzomo, found on Smithsonian Folkways African Rhythms: Songs from Kenya, in the course of which the groom consoles a sobbing bride by promising to be faithful forever and to carry them through all of life’s hardships.

Country: Kenya
Language: Kiswahili
Genre: Kadongo Kamu


Kipenzi changu uchangamke, sasa mimi wako
Nikakupenda, na kukutunza mpaka kufu kwangu
Oh my darling I’ll always love you more than you’ll ever know
And though the days may be long my darling I’ll never let you go.

David Nzomo reflects on his 1960 and ’70s Folkways recordings of Kenyan traditional music

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Engineering: Front Line Records, Kampala, Uganda, and Amon, Studio Brooklyn, New York, and


  • Big David” (Uganda, Vocals)
  • Jay Sand (U.S., Guitar/Vocals)

(c) Alpha Film Music, translation and arrangement by Jay Sand with permission

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