Mudhead Kachina

COUNTRY: United States/Hopi Nation
LANGUAGE: Hopi/vocables

GENRE: Native American (Hopi)

Found on the Smithsonian release, “Indian Music of the Southwest.” This is a Hopi rain dance. In music class we sing this while shaking nutshells and dancing around the room calling for rain. We should also delve a bit into the Hopi tradition of crafting dolls to personify the world’s several hundred kachinas, spirit-beings.
[wpspoiler name=”Hopi dancers dance for Theodore Roosevelt in 1913″ open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]


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Oh oh hey hey
Ah ah hey hey


Soh loh loh lah heyna
Soh lah lah lah heyna
Come up red clouds come up blue clouds
Soh lah lah lah heyna
Soh lah lah lah heyna




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