18. Tambobambino

An All Around This World classroom and homeschool lesson -- Tambobambino -- Andean folk songThis Andean folk song is a story of a boy from the small town of Tambobamba in Southern Peru who foolishly walks outside in the rain carrying his charango (a little guitar-like instrument). There are many versions of this song found in Peru, and most are much darker in theme than this one. An example of the song’s alternate lyrics, when used as a funeral song: “The river of blood has brought a lover from Tambobambo. Only his tinya is floating, only his charango is floating, only his quena is floating.” Wisely, All Around This World decided to not use the alternate lyrics in class.

The song was orignally in Quechua, which is a language with many variants spoken throughout in the Andes.

Country: Peru
Genre on CD:
Andean Cumbia
Instruments on CD: Charango, Quena


Tambobambino maqt’acha, tambobambino maqt’acha,

Tambobambino maqt’acha, Oh what a foolish boy you are.

¡Wifalita wifala, wifalata wifala, Wifalita wifala, wifalala, wifala!

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Vocals: Sofia Rei
Spoken and background vocals: Jay Sand
Charango and quena/panpipes: Patricio Acevedo

Vocals recorded at Headgear Recording, Brooklyn, New York

Instruments engineered by Erich Miller

"Tambobambino" is traditional, arrangement by Jay Sand, Instrumental arrangement by Arturo Stable

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