Kisa Pada

COUNTRY: Serbia/Croatia…Bosnia?

LANGUAGE: Serbian? Croatian? (depends on the version)

“Kisa Pada” is a Croatian lullaby . . . or is it Serbian? No, it’s Croatian . . . or is it a Bosnian sevdah?

“Kisa Pada” is one of the many songs that shows us how mixed and mingled people have always been in the Balkans. Languages in the region have always flowed into one another, religous affliliations and ethnic identities cross shifting international boundaries. The wars that engulfed the former Yugoslavia in the ‘90s were especially painful because fighting happened between people who had been neighbors for hundreds of years.

Everyone claims “Kisa Pada.” In music class we’re take a stand. Who owns “Kisa Pada?” We all do.

Lyrics of All Around This World version:

Kiša pada, trava raste, gora zeleni (3x)
With this rain the grass is growing, the forest is turning green (2x)
In the forest, a tree is growing, slender and so tall. (2x)
Beneath the tree my sister’s sitting, I love her, she loves me (2x)
Kiša pada, trava raste, gora zeleni (3x)

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