Te Waka

COUNTRY: New Zealand
LANGUAGE: New Zealand Maori


A powerful haka, a traditionally aggressive, or at least mock-aggressive, Māori dance/chant, about keeping your canoe safe for the night. Listen to this haka, known as “Tōia Mai,” on the NZ Folksong site.

Lyrics of All Around This World version:

LEADER: Ā, tōia mai,
CHORUS: Te waka!
LEADER: Ki te urunga,
CHORUS: Te waka!
LEADER: Ki te moenga,
CHORUS: Te waka!

ALL: Ki te takoto rungai,
Takoto ai,
Te wa(ka)! Hi!

This enormous/gigantic/tiny/humongous canoe
Te waka!
Worked hard all day
Te waka
Now it must go
Te waka!

Up to high ground where it’s safe,
Let’s put it here
Te wa(ka)! Hee!

The New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks, intimidates opponents with a haka:

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