Doggone Blues

COUNTRY: United States

GENRE: Blues

By the time “Everybody’s Crazy ‘bout the Doggone Blues but I’m Happy” appeared in 1917/1918, the Blues had become a well-known musical craze, known well enough Henry Creamer and Turner Layton, two of the most succsesful African-American songwriters of the time, could reference the genre’s trademark sorrow to differentiate it in their lyric: “Blues ain’t nothin’ but the easy goin’ heart disease,Brother stop your moanin’ Blues can’t make you warmer if you’re bound to freeze, Sister stop your groanin’, Why don’t you rise and shine, Take dem blues right off your mind….”

Lyrics of the All Around This World version:

Ev’ry body’s crazy ‘bout the doggone blues, but I’m happy, whew so happy
Ev’ry body’s crazy, but if I must choose, no doggone blues for mine.
I get plenty to eat, never have to worry
Shoes on my feet, I don’t have to hurry
Ev’ry body’s crazy ‘bout the doggone blues but I’m happy all the time.

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