Bu Son Olsun


This is a tune composed by Turkish writer/producer Mehmet Soyarslan and popularized by Turkish/Anatolian progressiver rocker Cem Karaca, a giant in the annals of Turkish rock who took Turkish folk music “electric” much like Bob Dylan did in the U.S. Karaca’s performances were stirring—he began his career as part of an Elvis cover band—and his lyrics were powerfully personal and political. This page about Cem Karaca on the Prog Rock archives site follows the development of his career. Of his many performances available on YouTube, “Namus Belasi” sticks out for both the great melody of the song and the undeniably awesome video. “Islak Islak” is a close second, if for the joy of the hat and crooked mustache alone. The lyrics of both songs were too dark and political to make them good candidates for class. “Bu Son Olsun,” is also melodic, and is lyrically sweet as well.


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