Life is Like a Garden

COUNTRY: Indonesia
LANGUAGE: Bahasa Indonesia
GENRE: Dangdut

“Life is Like a Garden” is All Around This World’s version of Rhoma Irama’s “Kata Pujangga,” which itself is an adaptation of “Bol Radha Bol” from the Bollywood film, “Sangam.”

Rhoma Irama is widely known as “the King of Dangdut.” In the mid ’70s Irama began to delve into social and political commentary, expressing his Islamic faith and conservative morals through his lyrics, even as his music became more like American rock. Indonesia’s government, fearing the politicization of dangdut audience, which was mainly lower socio-economic class, temporarily banned Irama from appearing on state television. Irama has continued to be famous, musical and moralistic, using his music to sway elections, even while being mired in controversy.


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