Kavuli Tutu

A East African harvest song and chant found on the Smithsonian Folkways album of Kenyan children’s songs performed by David Nzoma (Children’s Songs from Kenya). From the liner notes: “Maize, beans, pigeon peas, cow peas and various greens, mixed differently to change flavour [sic.] constitute the staple food for the Akamba. This is a children’s song to welcome the rippening [sic.] of maize. One child leads and the rest respond with “tutu.” The original translation is, “Dove, hold my baby for me so that I may dance with its father, While the maize is rippening [sic.] that is what we shall eat.”

Country: Kenya
Language: Swahili

Travel Kenya introduces us to Kenyan Akamba farmers

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Engineering: Amon, Studio Brooklyn, New York

  • David Nzomo (Kenya, Vocals)
  • Sean Dixon (U.S., Bass, Drums)

(c) Alpha Film Music, translation and arrangement by Jay Sand with permission

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