Mela Babka

COUNTRY: Czech Republic

“Mela Babka” is a Czech chlidren’s song sung to the rhythm of a Polish folk dance called the mazurka. A mazurka is a lively dance in 3/4 time — there are three beats per measure, like a waltz.

The mazurka was first associated with inhabitants of Mazovia, near Warsaw, who are known as Mazurs. In the early 18th century this dancing became a favorite of the Polish King. When Poland lost its independence to neighbors Russia, Austria and Prussia, Polish elites found homes in countries like France and England, spreading the dance. The mazurka became increasingly associated with the Polish quest for independence, especially in 1797 after becoming ingrained in the Polish national anthem. Today versions of the mazurka appear in genres of folk music from around the world.

Lyrics of All Around This World version:

Měla babka čtyři jabka a dědoušek jen dvĕ,
Měla babka čtyři jabka a dědoušek jen dvĕ,
Grandma had four apples, grandpa had two,
Please give me an apple grandma, any one will do.[/wpspoiler]

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