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COUNTRY: Hawaii/Guam
LANGUAGE: English/Chomorro
A song originally by Hawaiian pop/rock singer/songwriters Cecilio and Kapono. J.D. Crutch, a singer/songwriter from Guam, did a cover of this on his first record, Guinaifen Manglo, writing new lyrics in Chamorro. The album thrust Crutch to stardom in Guam as one of the first Chamorro musicians to successfully perform Chamorro songs in the style of Western-style rock.

[wpspoiler name=”Cecilio and Kapono want to go Home” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]
[wpspoiler name=”J.D. Crutch’s Chamorro take on Home” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]

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