Atas Atas

An All Around This World classroom and homeschool lesson -- "Atas Atas" -- a North African lullaby“Atas Atas” is an Algerian song in a Berber dialect, a North African lullaby for a parent to sing to a child while putting her to sleep. In this bittersweet song the parent envisions a day when the child is grown and needs to leave to live her own life and reassures her that she’ll always find family at home.

Country: Algeria

Language: Kabilye (Berber)


Atas atas amimmi, atas atas aylli
Atatas mimmi atimghour yalli
Atas atas amimmi.
Go to sleep my baby sleep, go to sleep my little sweet
One day you’ll be grown and out on your own But always in my arms you will have a home.
Go to sleep my baby sleep.

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Engineering: Jim Hamilton, Rittenhouse Soundworks, Philadelphia


  • Elias Sarkar (Syria, Violin)
  • Chris Marashlian (Armenia/Greece, Bass)
  • Jay Sand (U.S., Vocals)
  • Joe Tayoun (U.S., North African Percussion)
  • Roger Mgrdiciahn (U.S., Oud)
  • William Tayoun (U.S., Keyboards)

Traditional. Translation and Arrangement by Jay Sand.

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