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Join Jay Sand for dynamic classes that introduce you and your children to the world through international songs, kid-friendly cultural dances and FUN.

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My name is Jay Sand and I am an early childhood educator from Philadelphia in the United States. Great to meet you!

My program, All Around This World, introduces your youngest children -- usually infants to nine year-olds -- to the incredible diversity of the world using international songs, rhythms, movement. Over the course of a three year schedule of 144 weekly lessons that introduce children to over 300 multilingual songs and cultural experiences that originate from over 100 countries, All Around This World teaches children the wonders of global diversity through singing, dancing, drumming and FUN. 

All Around This World classes are dynamic, interactive learning adventures. Since I introduced All Around This World in 2009 I have taught thousands of multicultural music classes to children, and have traveled the globe performing for children who speak many languages. All Around This World is the only international cultural curriculum for very young children that introduces them to the world with this level of depth, scope and context, in the participatory, playful way young children learn best. 

I'm sure your school values diversity and tries to introduce your students to the wealth of world cultures, especially the many represented in your student body, but how do you actually do that with your littlest kids? You may celebrate holidays that have a variety of origins, have an “international day” to mark the diversity of your families, or your music teacher may share some multilingual songs, but, while older students often have curriculum materials available to teach them geography, history and international politics, what educational tools do you use throughout the year that really introduce your youngest children to people from every part of the globe?

I would love to collaborate with your school to provide options for your teachers and students to access hundreds of family-friendly multicultural songs and cultural experiences in a wide range of ways, from experiencing live classes online, to having unlimited access to an extensive database of multimedia lessons, to enjoying group music-making experiences in person. The program is flexible, will fit your budget -- even if you don't have one -- and can grow along with your educational needs. I teach class in English, but each song features simple lyrics -- usually some words in English, the rest in the song's original language -- that kids who speak any language can sing right away. Any child from any country will absolutely clap, pat, sway and dance along.

I am proposing programming that can become an indispensable to school as it strives to provide your children with high quality experiences that open minds. 

Your school is welcome to choose one or both of the following options:

1) Weekly LIVE classes which you will share with your students on a video screen in your classroom.

I understand if you don't like to teach your students by video -- I agree. I definitely don't recommend that little children learn through screens. But my classes are not passive viewing experiences, they're more like a musical online call with a family friend.

2) Login to my always-accessible "EXPLORE EVERYWHERE" database of all my classes and lessons.

Your teachers can either share hundreds of my pre-recorded videos with your students or, if you don't want to show videos, your teachers can use the videos to learn how to teach all of All Around This World's songs and cultural experiences themselves. The database introduces more than 300 songs and cultural lessons that originate from every inhabited continent. 

All schools that are part of the program have access to the growing All Around This World community. Your students will be able to meet children from classrooms from many countries. They sing together, dance together, participate in creative projects together, and make life-changing, lifelong friends








Since lockdowns began in the United States in March 2020 I have been teaching All Around This World classes online, with some families "coming to class" using free Zoom videoconferencing software, and others watching live on Facebook. My live online classes are about 40 minutes long and are truly a treat. Each class offers songs in several languages and features a country or musical theme that gives children a way to travel the world without leaving their classrooms.

If you choose this option I will provide your school with access to a live class each week, which you will either join in my "classroo==--m" using Zoom or which you can experience live on my Facebook page. (If you can't access either, let me know and we'll find another way.) If you have a video projector you would project the live class onto a screen or wall of your classroom; if you don't, you could watch on a computer or even a tablet or phone.

Will little kids really sing and dance along with me...? YES! Before the pandemic when I taught remotely to schools the kids always jumped right in. And now that many of us have become so used to having experiences online there are even fewer boundaries between "here" and "there." Plus, if you join on Zoom your students will be able to watch children from around the world dancing in their own classrooms. Great.

To get a sense of how I teach, watch All Around This World's recent livecasts HERE. 


"Explore Everywhere," offers your school full access to twelve complete sets of All Around This World curriculum material, ten of which feature music from a particular region of the world -- Africa, the Caribbean, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Oceania and the Pacific Islands, South and Central Asia, the United States and Canada, West Asia and the Middle East and Western Europe -- and two of which travel across borders to explore international themes in music -- "Everything is a Drum" and "Connecting the Dots." The content of the courses in the database directly complements the material in the live classes.

There are 144 full lessons in the database, which introduce well over multilingual 300 songs and international cultural experiences. Every cultural experience features a multimedia lesson plan that features teacher training videos and other useful materials. Teachers can share these videos with their students, or learn to teach the material to their students themselves. [For an example of a multimedia lesson pdf, featuring background information and teacher training material, click HERE.]

I will provide you with a login that will allow you to make resource available to any of your teachers in whatever way you choose. Your school may explore any region of the world at any time at your own pace, though I can also provide guidance by sending you an e-mail each week that takes us on a tour of the same region of the world that we are exploring in each week's live class. (Starting in September with South and Central Asia.)

As an extra benefit, you may also share this login information with your students' families so children may share their favorite songs and dances with their families at home. That way, all in the household can learn the same music and dances together.


Do you already have a music teacher, maybe a teacher who already shares some international songs? I hope you do! All Around This World is not primarily a music instructional program and would not replace music classes you already have as part of your curriculum. Instead, the curriculum uses the international language of music to introduce young children to global diversity. While your music teacher may feel confident teaching the curriculum, I created my materials very consciously so any teacher, whether they consider themselves to be "musical" or not, can use the program to take their students on a grand global tour.


All Around This World classes are a wonderful way to use songs to introduce young children to English. I teach class in English, and each song features simple English lyrics that children who speak any language can sing. At the same time, each song includes lyrics in the song's original language -- songs from over 100 countries. Also, every song is full of motion -- patting, clapping, swaying, dancing and drumming.


Your school will always be able to afford All Around This World.  As I mentioned above, I will trust you to offer payment according to your budget and the amount of benefit you believe these classes bring your school. If your school has many classrooms that would enjoy the class at once we can certainly make access affordable per classroom.

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Feel free to ask any questions whatsoever. Contact me, or call: 1-215-913-2679.



I look forward to developing a long and fruitful relationship with your teachers, your students and your community.