Vanuatu–When You Go There

[wpspoiler name=”Map of Vanuatu”][mappress mapid=”15″ center=”-17, 168″ zoom=”7″][/wpspoiler] is wild about Vanuatu: “You’re heading to Vanuatu? Fantastic. You’re going to love it.” Vanuatu may be a great place to go to melt into a chair on a balmy beach, but Lonely Planet recommends you don’t just sit around all day, “[Vanuatu] is also home to several best-in-the-world experiences that very few people know about: a luxury liner, like the Titanic, shipwrecked in clear diveable water; the world’s most accessible active volcano on the island of Tanna; a giant banyan tree the size of a soccer field (this tree isn’t that one, but it’s big, it’s banyan, and it’s in Vanuatu); pounding, cascading waterfalls; extraordinary cultural ceremonies and dances on the island of Malekula,”
and much much more (like the quite unique Malekula Longheads), especially if you have a panoramic camera and access to your own astoundingly gorgeous private island. Apparently many visitors to Vanuatu develop the same enthusiasm for the islands; there are “I had a great time in Vanuatu” travel blog entries aplenty, such as:

“5 things I learned from meeting the happiest people in the world, Vanuatu”:1. Trust, 2, Smiling and Saying Hi to Everyone All the Time, 3. Take the Time to Enjoy Moments, 4. Take Your Time to Help a Stranger, 5. Being Curious of You as a Person

“Volcano”: “As we stood at the lip of the crater, hot, glowing magma shot into the air only a couple hundred yards away and as it did the volcano made a sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard…. For at least 45 minutes we stood there mesmerized. Every time a particularly powerful eruption occurred we would yell at the rush of it all, fiery orange magma shooting through the sky, and the roaring of the volcano would drown us out.”

“Tanna Island, Vanuatu–Unbelievable”: “The women, in all their incredibly colourfull (sic.) costumes and painted faces and decorations then join in, singing in harmony with the men and dancing and jumping into the air. The sights and sounds and the emotions were just gobsmacking and to be able to sit there and witness this event will live with us forever I think.”

“Vanuatu: The Land of the Happy People”: “Welcome to Paradise!”

You can read much more of the same on’s Vanuatu page.

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