Lesson 3: The Baltic States

This week we’re going to the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea where we’re going to visit three different countries that history (and broad overviews like this) have fused together: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

OVERVIEW: The three Baltic nations share so much, especially in the way of history, but at the same time are also so very different.

MUSIC: The Baltic states have overlapping yet individually nuanced (and really enjoyable!) approaches to both traditional and modern music.

WHEN YOU GO THERE: When you plan your travels to the Baltics you absolutely must catch one of the region’s massive singing festivals. If you can’t there are still so many reasons to go.

THE BALTIC WAY: We experience a bit of Baltic non-violent revolution as we link arms to show solidarity against the Soviets.

CHORAL SINGING: Singing in public by yourself can be so much fun. Singing in public with 100,000 of your Estonian friends is even better.


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