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Lucian music fuses African rhythms with a solid appreciation for European traditions, like the music for the polka and the waltz, into a number of styles, like:

a playful, sometimes raunchy Lucian folk musical style that appears at beach parties, dances, full moon gatherings and, of course, wakes.

a highly choreographed Lucian Creole folk dance and accompanying music style based on the European quadrille. Lucians accompany the kwadril by playing, as says Wikipedia, the cuatro, a rattle, the chakchak, bones called zo, a violin, banjo, mandolin and guitar. In class we’ll dance the kwadril as part of our celebration of Jounen Kweyol. About the Lucian kwadril | Dance the kwadril

More information:
Wikipedia on the Music of Saint Lucia (scroll down to learn about the rivalry between the noisy, “English,” La Rose society and the disciplined, “French,” La Marguerite)

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