Lesson 6: The Bahamas

Whatever the weather is like outside your door right now, it’s better in the Bahamas. Whatever smile is on your face right now, it could be bigger in the Bahamas. Whatever your money is doing in your relatively traceable domestic bank account, it could probably be frolicking much more freely, and more privately, in the Bahamas. So let’s go there.

OVERVIEW: The Bahamas give you over two thousand islands and “cays,” and hundreds of years of historical interplay between indigenous peoples, the British and Africans first brought to the islands as slaves, to explore.

MUSIC: Boisterous Junkanoo bands, lyrical goombay and saw-scratching “rake ‘n scrape.”

LANGUAGE: Bahamian English playfully blends words from English, Taino and African languages.

WHEN YOU GO THERE: You may go to the Bahamas to soak in the sun, but don’t forget the depth of the islands’ history.

JUNKANOO: A two-part year-end festival celebrating the perseverance and independence of Africans in the Bahamas.

Explore the All Around This World songs from The Bahamas:

[mappress mapid=”15″ center=”24.3, -77.5″ zoom=”7″]

Explore these musical genres from The Bahamas:

[mappress mapid=”16″ center=”24.3, -77.5″ zoom=”7″]

Explore these instruments from The Bahamas:
[mappress mapid=”17″ center=”24.3, -77.5″ zoom=”7″]


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