Tibet–When you go there

Should you, a thoughtful traveler, visit Tibet? Will your presence there serve a purpose, reminding Tibetans that people all over the world are still interested in their land and culture? Or will your tourist dollars boost the Chinese government and strengthen its argument that Tibet should stay exactly as is? The Dalai Lama suggests you go, if only to witness the situation there first-hand so you can spread the word when you get back.

LonelyPlanet.com’s Tibet page describes Tibet as “a uniquely spiritual place” and says, “Those moments of peace, fleeting and precious, when everything seems to be in its proper place, seem to come more frequently in Tibet….” On the other hand, Lonely Planet does caution travelers to put a false cover on their Lonely Planet guidebooks because border guards may confiscate them, presumably because they don’t include Taiwan on the map of China and they also freely reference the Dalai Lama.

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