The U.S. and Canada–Disco (Disco Rises Again)

By the early 1990s the new generation of music fans  didn’t care what their parents thought of disco. Removed from the charged political context, and not seeming particularly concerned with what disco meant or didn’t mean to the counterculture of the ’70s, fans in the ’90s considered disco purely on its musical merits. What they heard was expertly produced, enjoyably danceable music that boasted groovy beats, funky bass lines, mesmerizing horn sections and expansive vocals. Danceclub DJs readily sampled disco songs, using disco grooves to get their crowds moving. This was not nostalgia, but a retrospective appreciation of an under-appreciated genre. Death to disco? No longer. Disco reborn!!

In class we listen to LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, whose “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” is not only one of their many disco-friendly tracks, but pays homage to DAFT PUNK, a European group that embraced disco as part of its own danceable music.


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