Americans are less likely to fear Japanese economic dominance (as was often the case in the ’80s) and embrace Japan as the land of outrageous video games, Akira Kurosowa films and toys that don’t do anything except get us to buy them.

Here at AATW we learn about several elements of Japan’s culture, like sushi, sumo wrestling, ramen, pagodas, ninjas, kabuki, karate, karaoke, kamikazes, and anime.

Here are some more.

ikebana: the Japanese art of flower arranging.
kaiju: the Japanese art of monster movies (Mothra, Godzilla, Mothra vs. Godzilla).
Hello Kitty: the Japanese art of kawaii, meaning “cuteness in culture” (Godzilla vs. Hello Kitty).
para para: the Japanese art of Europop line dancing.
Japanese game shows: the Japanese art of…something.

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