Lesson 3: Cajun/Creole Music

[wpspoiler name=”Jolie Bassette – Canray Fontenot & BeauSoleil” open=”true” style=”aatw-video”][/wpspoiler]

This week we go, as they say, “down on the bayou.” We’re going to Louisiana with is a fanatically and disproportionately musical part of the United States. This week we’re going to focus on two of the many musical genres that originated in Louisiana–Cajun and Creole. We’ll learn about the historical and musical differences between the two, and we’ll figure out where “zydeco” fits into the mix.

Right off the bat, an important point. Cajun music and Creole music are not the same thing! Sure, to the uninitiated the two genres may be hard to distinguish, and yes, nowadays many, if not most, popular New Orleans “traditional” bands play both, but we’re going to learn about the different historical origins and musical traits of each and acknowledge the fact that they are two distinct entities. By the end of this background message, you might even be able to consider yourself initiated.

(So then what is “zydeco…?” We’ll get into that too.)


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