Puerto Rico–When you go there

LonelyPlanet.com’s Puerto Rico page describes Puerto Rico as an energizing, albeit befuddling place to travel: “Hip, funky restaurants nestle next to 15th-century Spanish forts; sprawling concrete shopping malls encroach upon the fecund tropical rainforests; and glitzy casinos lie juxtaposed against some of the most stunning beaches, caves and offshore coral reefs in the Caribbean….”  There are ancient colonial forts, sizzling urban nightspots, ultramodern beach resorts and sleepy mountain towns, all wrapped-up in the limbo-like political status of a semi-autonomous commonwealth.  Contradictions abound in Puerto Rican history, culture and society.  If you accept them, as many Puertoriqeños apparently have, your travels to Puerto Rico will afford you the chance to have the best of all worlds.

(And don’t forget your kids! They’ll have fun too.)

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