The Marshall Islands–Travel


Not to be forgotten, THE MARSHALL ISLANDS mix Micronesian sensibilities and culture with the food, religion and other influences from the many powers that colonized them: the British, Germans, Japanese and Americans. While many Marshall Islanders, especially in
the outer islands, still live in traditional ways, the main city, Majuro, is a relatively international place that still retains its relaxed island feel. You’ll probably want to pass right through Majuro though, and, as several tips on VirtualTourist’s “Things to do in the Marshall Islands” page suggest, go to the outer atolls to meet people (“Ekahau” says, “One of the highlights of my life of travel has been the warmth of a Marshallese welcome!!”), to learn a bit about Marshallese colonial history, to buy Micronesian handicrafts or even to fish, dive or surf. As noted above, the U.S. military has a long-standing and very controversial relationship with the Marshall Islands. Let’s just say that if you’re American military personnel and your destination is the Marshallese atoll known as Meck Island, you’re probably not going there to surf.

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