The Solomon Islands–When You Go There

[wpspoiler name=”Map of the Solomon Islands”][mappress mapid=”15″ center=”-9, 159.7″ zoom=”7″][/wpspoiler]

In the Solomon Islands you’ll find incredible lagoons, snorkeling, fishing, sunken World War II era ships that make for great scuba diving, and so many other ways to enjoy the ocean or sun. The Solomon Islands experienced some difficult times during the Civil War and tourists were definitely less safe, but as tensions eased travelers have again become welcome. If you take a chance and step out of your resort you’ll find the people in the Solomon Islands–most of whom are subsistence farmers who live as they have for eons–to be welcoming, relaxed and, says Lonely Planet’s Solomon Islands page, no longer cannibals! (David Stanley’s “Solomon Islands Travel Guide” says, “It’s all there: shark-callers, war wreckage, gold, and malaria.” Sounds like fun…?)

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