Huayno (Ecuador, Peru)

Huayno is a genre of music and dance that originated with and is still popular among Quechua-speaking people in Peru’s Andes Mountains. According to Coyote Crossing’s huayno overview, the genre distinguishes itself from other Latin musics in that its rhythm stresses the first beat and follows that with two short beats.

In class we a Peruvian huayno song, called “Tribulchay.” Watch Hugo Carrillo’s exuberant performance of “Tribulchay” and try to listen for the music’s rhythmic first beat/two short beats. If you want to learn more, get your hands on Jon Cohen’s documentary, “Dancing with the Incas,” but if you just want a quick listen, enjoy Javier Lizares on YouTube playing an Andean stringed instrument known as the charango.

COUNTRY: Ecuador, Peru and other Andean countries
KEY INSTRUMENTS: Accordion, Charango, Guitar, Harp, Quena, Mandolin, Saxophone, Siku (panpipe), Violin

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