COUNTRY: Jamaica [wpspoiler name=”Binghi festival in 1994″ open=”true” style=”aatw-video” ][/wpspoiler]

make Thunder a subgenre of Nyabinghi drum

BURRA/NYABINGHI: Another ancestor of reggae, Nyabinghi drumming is religious Rastafarian music that adherents perform in communal drumming circles while chanting Rastafarian prayers.

Every Nyabinghi drumming circle features several distinct drums:
the Thunder: the bottom, base drum of the ensemble
the Funde: a middle-pitched drum that keeps “the
heartbeat” of the rhythm
the Repeater: the highest-pitched drum,
it improvises rhythms and is believed to carry the spirit of the
the Shaka: the shekere, which accents and
provides character to the rhythms

A Nyabinghi drumming session | “Binghi Celebration,” Jamaica 1994

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