Please take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids just in case something unexpected has slipped in.

Warning: don’t search the internet for images of Micronesia if you’re quick to become jealous of people who live in parts of the world that are exceptionally
beautiful. Don’t search for “Micronesia” on Flickr.com. Don’t browse TrekEarth looking for images of Micronesia. By all means, if you stumble upon the photo gallery page on the Visit-FSM.org page. LOOK AWAY!

Okay, seriously, if you’ve embarked on an internet search for images of the islands of Micronesia you probably already have a pretty good idea of what kind of photos you’re going to find:
Micronesian islands, like Pohnpei, that are too gorgeous to believe. (Koror, part of Palau,
is also none too shabby)
Scuba divers, like this one in Palau, seeing otherworldly things
Micronesian guys, like these fellows from Yap, celebrating their culture
Micronesian kids who seem pretty happy to be Micronesian kids

And since you know wherever you is nothing like Micronesia, let your mind wander. Take a tour…

— of Palau (under the sea).
— of Yap (proud to be Yapese)
— of Chuuk (this is Chuuk from
— of Kosrae (yellow flower in her
— of Pohnpei (up and up to the sky)
— of Nauru (happy kids)
— of the Marshall Islands
(coconut snack)
— of Kiribati (on the tip of a canoe)

Of course not all visitors to Micronesia have fond memories of the place. Micronesia
was the site of some of the most brutal battles of World War II. OwensArchive.com’s collections of photos from World War II in the Pacific, such as those from the Marshall Islands and the Gilbert Islands (Kiribati) are grainy, gritty and sometimes difficult to
. Even today there are images of Micronesia on Flickr, TrekEarth and even on the Visit-FSM site that remind us that people in Micronesia are just people who do all the things the rest of us do every day, and of course not everyone in every Micronesian island smiles like this all the time. Still, we’re searching for pictures of paradise. Will we actually let reality get in the way?

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