Veer a little off course from your visit to FSM and you may find yourself, much to your pleasure, in PALAU. There you will likely dive, snorkel, swim and dive some more, and well you should. Not surprisingly Palau is at the top of many “best of” lists compiled by globe-trotting scuba divers, like the list of “The Ultimate 5 Dive Destinations in the World” compiled by “Canadian Adventure Couple” Dave and Deb, Speaking of lists, in 2009 Palau also made the list of 2009 “World’s Worst 10 for Eco Diving” because of its
behind-the-scenes work with the Japanese to block whale sanctuaries and reverse the global ban on commercial whaling. Then, an about face! Palau made the list of “World’s Best Ethical Destinations 2011,” notably because it “declared its waters a dolphin, shark and whale sanctuary; rescinded support for Japanese ‘scientific’ whaling, and called for an international moratorium on shark finning.”

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