The Solomon Islands–Images

Please take a look through these slideshows before showing your kids just in case something unexpected has slipped in.

Flickr’s Solomon Islands slideshow
pays due respect to the islands’ beaches and bright blue skies, though with a less established tourist infrastructure in Solomon Islands, at least as compared to Fiji, more visiting photographers seem to come for cultural exploration in addition to beach-inspired laziness. As part of’s Solomon Island photographers’ group pool, “huskiilove” gives us a particularly fine view of “Lata Through a Lens.” (Lata is a tiny capital town of Temotu Province, population of around 500.) Huskiilove introduces us Solomon Islanders young and old as they live by day, by night, and even underwater.

Australian photographer Thomas M. Perry may not technically be a Solomon Islander, but, based in the capital, Honiara, he has the time and patience to provide more than a tourist’s whirlwind photo tour of the islands. Sure, he may find himself doing something exciting like visiting a spear-fighting festival in Santa Catalina/Owariki (check out this photo of a boy soon-to-spearfight) but he’ll also just as likely spend the day taking photographs at an Honiara wedding, or just hanging out with the smiling folks of Choiseul.

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