Like many musical styles of Latin America, Brazilian music is stirring blend of African, European and Amerindian melodies and rhythms.  So, what makes Brazilian music so special?  National Geographic suggests the lyricism of Portuguese music has something to do with it, as well as the diversity of Brazil’s many African cultures: “Portuguese influences abound in the country’s rich and lyrical poetry, the exquisite melody, and the instrumentation including the accordion, guitar and violin families…. The African elements are both obvious and subtle, and primarily include drumming and dancing forms expressed largely through communal and spiritual tradition…. African slaves were brought to Brazil for nearly 300 years, with the racial predominance of Sudanese and Bantu groups (Yoruban, Dahomean, Congolese and Angolan), among others.”

There are dozens of main Brazilian musical styles, and with each substyles and within those substyles of their own.  All Around This World touches on just a few of them, such as:

Axé | Afoxé | Bossa Nova | Capoeira | Choro| Forró | Maracatu | Samba | Tropicalia

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