In 1950s a new genre called “Rockabilly” enthusiastically fused hillbilly music with the electric instruments of rock ‘n roll. The most dynamic rockabilly musician was a lanky lad from Tupelo, Mississippi who had the unlikely name ELVIS PRESLEY. Though they may have less of an mind-numbing effect on teenage than Elvis (even latter-day, white-sequined jumpsuit Elvis), other rockabilly artists like JOHNNY CASH and CARL PERKINS electrified audiences nationwide. [Watch a young Elvis perform “Heartbreak Hotel” on The Milton Berle Show in 1956 | Watch a young JOHNNY CASH perform “I Walk the Line” on the Tex Ritter show in the mid-’50s | Watch a not quite as young, but none too shabby CARL PERKINS perform “Blue Suede Shoes” on The Johnny Cash Show.]

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