Lesson 11: Trinidad

This week in music class we visit the exuberantly musical southern Caribbean island nation of Trinidad. Trinidad merged with nearby Tobago in the late 19th century as a single country, though in class we leave Tobago for another day. Sorry Tobago, it’s nothing personal.

OVERVIEW: Trindad boasts a facinating mix of people with Carib, African European and South Asian ancestry.

MUSIC: A disproportionate amount of world-changing music has come from this tiny island.

LANGUAGE: English is official but Trinidadian Creole and Bhojpuri/Caribbean Hundustani resonate.

WHEN YOU GO THERE: You can still get an “authentic” Caribbean experience if you visit during Carnival.

LIMBO: How low can you go?

CALINDA: Trinidadian stick-fighting that is a martial art, a dance and a form of music, all rolled into one.

Explore the All Around This World songs from Trinidad:

[mappress mapid=”15″ center=”10.5, -61.3″ zoom=”9″]

Explore these musical genres from Trinidad:

[mappress mapid=”16″ center=”10.5, -61.3″ zoom=”9″]

Explore these instruments from Trinidad:

[mappress mapid=”17″ center=”10.5, -61.3″ zoom=”9″]



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