The Blues (More and more genres)

While early genres like Delta blues, Jump blues and Chicago blues solidified to form the core of the traditional blues repertoire, musicians still continue to bring their own experiences and spirit to blues music. New blues genres developed in the ’70s and ’80s, like:

— “Latin Blues,” which added Latin American rhythms and interpretations [watch Latin blues guitarist CARLOS SANTANA perform with electric blues legend BUDDY GUY],
— “Tulsa blues,” which drew loosely on blues, jazz and rockabilly [watch originator of the Tulsa sound and composer of blues-rock classics like Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight,” J.J. CALE rock Los Angeles 1979], and
— “Texas Rock-Blues,” which gave blues a Texas snarl [watch STEVIE RAY VAUGHN rock out, Texas rock-blues style].

There will surely be more to come.

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