Lesson 3: Haiti

This week in All Around This World classes we take music class to Haiti, a country with a proud rebellious streak and a terribly troubled recent past. Haiti’s history is a tale of unfortunate external manipulation, devastating internal failure and the ability of a resilient people to somehow survive.

OVERVIEW: Haiti is a country with so many stories to tell, from the triumph of rebellion to a seemingly endless string of natural disasters.

MUSIC: Haiti’s traditional music rose from African rhythms mixed with the melodic joie de vivre of the French.

LANGUAGE: We speak Haitian Creole, a mix of French, African languages and so much more.

WHEN YOU GO THERE: Traveling to Haiti may not be easy but it will surely be worthwhile.

RARA: We take to the streets in Haiti to elect on of our classmates president.

Explore these All Around This World songs from Haiti:

[mappress mapid=”15″ center=”18.9, -73″ zoom=”8″]

Explore these musical genres from Haiti:

[mappress mapid=”16″ center=”18.9, -73″ zoom=”8″]

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