Lesson 7: Tuva


Tuva is one of Russia’s most isolated republics but, due to its mesmerizing musical form known as “throat singing,” one of its best-known.


OVERVIEW: Tuva, officially known as the “Tyva Republic,” is a geographically and,until recently, culturally isolated semi-autonomous part of Russia located in south-central Siberia . . .

MUSIC: In traditional Tuvan culture, making music is more than just a frolic; it’s a way to connect with nature . . .

LANGUAGE: Tuvan is a Turkic language written in Cyrillic and spoken by about 250,000 Tuvans and a few scattered expatriates (mainly in Mongolia and China) with a few quirks that intrigue linguists . . .

WHEN YOU GO THERE: Before you hop on a plane and go to Tuva you may want read through some of the travel reports on the Friends of Tuva website . . .

TUVAN TOUR: In music class we dabble in throat singing then tour the Tuvan steppe.

Explore the All Around This World songs from Tuva:

[mappress mapid=”15″ center=”52, 94.2″ zoom=”5″]

Explore these musical genres from Tuva:

[mappress mapid=”16″ center=”52, 94.2″ zoom=”5″]

Explore these instruments from Tuva:

[mappress mapid=”17″ center=”52, 94.2″ zoom=”5″]

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