LonelyPlanet.com loves Japan! Though Japan has a reputation for being both inhumanely expensive and culturally impenetrable, Lonely Planet.com assures us this is undeserved: “[Japan] is, simply put, a place that will remind you why you started traveling in the first place.” You say you like traditional culture…? Visit the temples in Kyoto. Consider yourself a fan of nature? Explore the coral reefs of Okinawa (but hurry!). Are you a technophile? In Japan you’ll be in good company: (Visit Japan for “An easy peek in to the future of the human race.”) And if you’re hungry…and who isn’t?…gorge yourself on Tokyo’s sushi, Kyoto’s tempura or Osaka’s infamous Ramen. “If you like eating,” says Lonely Planet, “you’re going to love Japan.” Most of us do, so most of us would.

Your kids will love Japan too. (They love traditional culture, modern technology and nature, don’t they?) TravelforKids.com’s Japan pages point you to things for kids to do like like

— visit Tokyo’s Taito-ku area, with its Yokohama doll museum. (Museum director Koki Ishizaka loves dolls!)

— go to Nara and see the oldest temple in Japan, along with its dragon fountain

— check out Kanto

Wild Monkey Park.

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