Everything is a Drum

All Around This World’s classroom and homeschool lessons about global rhythms for kids introduce your family to music aplenty through interactive fun . . .

Every culture around the world expresses its essence in the music it creates.

All Around This World Global "Everywhere Map" -- Global rhythms for kids

In the “Everything is a Drum” season of All Around This World we dive headfirst into the rhythmic foundations that underlie this music, engaging with foundational rhythmic concepts–as much as once can possibly do in a music class with tiny kids!–to take us closer to the heart of the countries and cultures we aim to explore. This compulsion to appreciate, engage, and maybe even try to understand, takes takes a rhythmic journey that circles the globe. If you’re not in an All Around This World classroom but instead following along at home, you can still join us in learning global rhythms for kids:

Latin America: we dance samba and then flail through the air with the rhythms of capoeira

Africa: some of us drum three beats and at the same time others drum two as we explore the wonders of polyrhythm.

South and Central Asia: we learn to speak out the bols and beats, flummoxing our way through the verbal percussion language known as konnakol.

The Caribbean: we meet the clave, both the 2-3 and the 3-2

Eastern Europe and the Baltics: it’s all about additive rhythms as make sense out of complex accumulations of 3s and 2s using pineaepples, apples and other syllabic fruit.

East and Southeast Asia: we stand tall and scream “HAI!” as we proudly drum our big taiko drums.

The U.S. and Canada: We bring back the best parts of 80’s–there were some!–as we breakdance.

West Asia and the Middle East: we meet doums and teks and Arabic rhythms

Oceania and the Pacific Islands: we learn jaw-dropping Pacific rhythms and shake our hips to Tahitian Otea.

Western Europe and the Nordic Countries: we hop, leap and jump as we do an Irish reel and jig.

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