Scattered Among the Nations

Cohen Makuwaza

“All Around This World: Scattered Among the Nations” is an interactive music class for little kids (infants to 5) and their grown-ups that features “Jewish” music from five continents. Sing, dance and play with your kids as you explore an amazingly multicultural world.

All Around This World ( is a unique global music program for young children that encourages kids to explore the world by enjoying international melodies, rhythms and movement. In engaging weekly 45-minute classes, kids and their parents/caregivers sing, dance and play together while exploring different languages, cultures and traditions.


Usually AATW classes focus on a geographic region of the world but this season AATW founder and lead teacher, Jay Sand will take you and your children on a worldwide tour, exploring the exciting global diversity of Jewish people and culture. Over the course of the 11 week class Jay will teach you and your children songs Jewish people sing in Africa, Europe,  Latin America, South and Central Asia and the Middle East. 

djerba1Over the last two decades Jay Sand has traveled around the globe, recording and performing music with children of all ages. While in Africa he connected musically with several communities of African Jews like the Sefwi House of Israel in Ghana and the Abayudaya of Uganda and has since shared their music with Jewish organizations around America through his multimedia “Jews of Africa€” presentations.  “All Around This World: Scattered Among the Nations” expands this Jewish music exploration to include songs Jewish communities that are scattered over several continents, exploring “Jewish” culture and history with grown-ups while sharing diverse, developmentally appropriate hands-on music with little kids. Together we’ll sing, dance, and learn so much without even knowing we’re learning!

While AATW: Scattered Among the Nations uses music Jewish people sing in their communities as a way for you and your children to take a global tour you don’t have to be Jewish to  enjoy it — all families are welcome. The class isn’t “religious,” doesn’t assume any knowledge of Jewish history or culture, and doesn’t favor or promote any one Jewish denomination or way of life.

To learn more about “scattered” Jewish communities, visit Scattered Among the Nations (, a non-profit organization that will help introduce you and your own community to them.AllAroundThisWorldJaysingingwithkids

For more information e-mail Jay at

jay or call him at 215-913-2679.

In the meantime, learn about some of the songs we’ll be singing throughout the season:

AATW--SAN song info -- Ale Brider_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Attah Magenu_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Avre Esta Abajour_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Ay Di Di Di Dai_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Ayymah Hameshi_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Az de Rebbe_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- The Bear Missed the Train_page_001 AATW--SAN song info -- Bihateetu_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Bulbus_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Eli Eli_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Fuerame a Banar_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Hija Mia_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Kad Ja Podjoh_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Mayim_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Mwari_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- No Pasesh Por La Mi Pwerta_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Taralilalalai_page_001  AATW--SAN song info -- Tulo Tulo_page_001AATW--SAN song info -- Tzur Manoti_page_001 AATW--SAN song info -- We Are Happy_page_001





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