The Southern Caucasus–Images


Visitors to the Southern Caucasus who post their photos on seem to love buildings. There are apparently buildings in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, in the Azeri capital of Baku and even, if you can believe such a thing, in the Armenian city of Yerevan. Okay, on Flickr you’ll also find thousands upon thousands of exciting images of Azerbaijan, Georgia (search for “Tiblisi” so you don’t get pictures of the Real Housewives of Atlanta), and Armenia that turn the lens on everything from Azerbaijanis dancing the dilşadi to Armenians deep in prayer.

Still, if you want a local’s view of you may have take to the photoblogs. For example, David Chabashvili’s “LuxFabrica”, found in the Georgian section of, will introduce you to a Georgia that’s nation full of both natural and manmade wonders. Tbilisi-based photoblogger Fiqros Furclebi’s work runs the gamut from colorful closeups of Georgian flowers to spare black and white images of rural life. Furclebi’s accompanying text is in Georgian, but when the photo is of a face like this, what else needs to be said? Want to see a photoblog that grants you a sneak peek into the daily life of Armenia? gives you 20 of them. Especially check out the work of Dr. Hovulik and Dr. Harout Tanielian, both of who take frequent breaks from doctoring to snap photos of both the Armenian landscape and the vibrant faces of its people.


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