Lesson 1: The U.S. and Canada–Instruments

Like most of the world’s indigenous peoples, Native American and First Nations musicians relied on nature to provide them with the makings of their most distinct instruments–turtle shells for rattles, animal skins to use for drums. More recent American folk musicians many not have made their instruments themselves–skiffle and jug band musicians excepted–but most still liked their instruments “earthy”–guitars, acoustic pianos and banjos (borrowed from Africa) and a singer’s melodic voice (with the exception of Bob Dylan_. In the last few decades Americans and Canadians have looked increasingly toward technology to join them to tin the making of music–electric guitars synthesizers, turntables and drum machines, sometimes coupled with lives instruments, sometimes not.

Explore these instruments from the U.S. and Canada:
[mappress mapid=”17″ center=”52, -100″ zoom=”3.5″]

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