The Southern Caucasus–Language


One one hand, sharing a language can do more than almost anything else to unite a group of people. When you speak a certain language, those in your community not only understand your words, but in many cases you are able to share nuances of history and culture that exist, unspoken, beneath. On the other hand, those who don’t speak the same language…? You may be able to communicate through nods and smiles, but you’ll be much less inclined to break bread. Each of the three countries in the Southern Caucasus has its own language, a common tongue that allows members of the primary ethnic group that dominates the nation to understand one another and build between each other the strongest of bonds. At the same time, the language of each nation in the Caucasus is not a tongue that others in the region can understand. If you’re from Azerbaijan and speak Azeri, go too far along the winding mountain road and you’ll end
up in Georgia, where you may well have to get by on hand gestures and goodwill.

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