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Pagode (Brazil)

Pagode originated in the early ’80s as a festive, fun, highly danceable subgenre of samba that has come to be associated–not always favorably–with lighthearted pop. Pagode performers introduced new instruments into the samba batteria, such as the 4-string banjo (louder than the traditional cavaquinho), the tan-tan (a brighter-sounding surdo, played with the hands and used to keep the main beat) and the hand-repique (used especially to emphasize rhythmic turnarounds). The genre’s lyrics are more satirical and slang-laden than samba lyrics from other genres, and often come with a bite.

KEY INSTRUMENTS: Cavaquinho, Banjo (4-string), Guitar, Hand-repique, Pandeiro, Repinique, Tambourine, Tan-tan

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