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All Around This World is a unique, interactive global music and world cultures program for children 0-9 years old  that encourages children and their families to explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. Jay Sand, guitarist and children’s music teacher, world traveler and dad of three girls developed All Around This World with his girls as a way to introduce them to the countries he’s already visited and the many more he plans to visit with them.



by Jay


Explore Everywhere Special Offer July 2015 (facebook)As you know well from following the posts on this page, “Explore Everywhere” is All Around This World’s always-online multimedia learning program that provides inspiring international cultural and musical lessons meant to inspire REAL LIFE global learning experiences for explorers of all ages.

This week Explore Everywhere is having a coming out event of sorts, taking to top homeschool website to offer a special deal on the program — 50% off the first two months for those who subscribe by July 24th — and introducing three new monthly subscription plans that make interactive global exploration possible for any family, anywhere:

THE WEEKLY PLAN: A PDF comes your way each week packed with sing-along videos, hands-on projects, and an adventures for everyone. ($4.50 for each of first two months, $8.99/month thereafter.)

THE EVERY DAY PLAN: New global and musical content every day.($5.99 for each of first two months, $11.99/month thereafter.)

THE EVERYTHING PLAN: For school classrooms, homeschooling groups and particularly inquisitive families. ($9.99 for each of first two months, $19.99/month thereafter.)

I’ve worked reeeeeally, reeeeeelly hard on the daily Explore Everywhere content, and I’m reeeeeally really proud of how it is turning out. I really want to give families a chance to journey around the world, and I need your help to do it.

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Follow Us to Uganda

All Around This Word--Africa Dance-Along (The Ugandan Amagunjju)

This (July 6-12) in Explore Everywhere we began our country-by-country tour of Africa, starting in Uganda where we demanded raspberries, cooked sweet flat bread, sang duets in dual languages and danced to cheer the King.

African Instruments–I’ve Got the World on a String

All Around This World--It's Instrumental (Make a Simple Sintir)

This week (June 29-July 5) in Explore Everywhere we made fake flutes, a phony balaphon and a simulated North African sintir, all the while learning about African instruments that made glorious noise when you hit them with mallets, pluck them with your fingers or blow air through them from one end to the next.


All Around This World -- Africa Double CD

The All Around This World Africa Double CD set featuring 32 of your favorite family-friendly African songs is now available for your purchasing pleasure. I mean, not just available like “you have to come to music class in Philadelphia to pick one up,” but available like, YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE! At this moment the physical CD is only available on the CD Baby website ($18.99 plus shipping) but very soon you’ll be able to buy it through Amazon and other online retailers. You can also buy either of the two CDs individually — West, Central and South, and North and East, as digital downloads ($9).

Why buy a physical CD instead of just ordering digital downloads? I’m glad you asked! The double CD set comes with cool exclusive album art that includes perks like musician credits, lyrics, and a really cool little version of the AATW: Africa African musical map that shows you where the songs on the CD originated.

All Around This World--Africa Double CD Map insertAll Around This World--Africa CD insert lyrics

All Around This World--Africa double CD insert musician creditsAll Around This World--Africa Double CD (a peek inside)

Cool, eh? Or buy each of the CDs individually, digital download only:  All Around This World -- Africa (West, Central and South)All Around This World -- Africa (North and East)

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Help make the world much smaller by supporting the “1000 Classroom Campaign” to launch “Explore Everywhere,” Around This World’s ambitious new global music and world cultures online learning program for kids and their families. “Explore Everywhere” will give kids ANYWHERE, from all economic backgrounds, unlimited online access to inspiring global music and engaging multicultural lessons that will help them open their minds, and their lives, to “the great out there.” Your pledge of just $25 will help give the world to 25,000 kids. Learn more

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African Instruments — If You Build It, They Will Drum

All Around This Word--EE It's Instrumental (Make a Simple Djembe)

This week in Explore Everywhere (June 15-21) we began our tour of African instruments with an introduction to African shakers, rattles and drums, from bendir to ngoma, dun dun to ravanne, kpanlogo to kebero. We didn’t just sit back and let others have all the fun. Instead we dove in head-first, making sekeres, djembes, a calabash, a sistrum and a pair of funky, incredibly easy gankogui bells.

This week’s summary.

Memories, Malipenga and the Maasai

This week in Explore Everywhere (June 8-14):

AATW--Maasai Jumping DanceThis week in Explore Everywhere, All Around This World’s online learning program, we continued our region-by-region introduction of Africa by venturing to Central Africa, where we learned how the Luba make memories, to Southern Africa, where we mocked our colonizers with kazoos, and to East Africa, where we celebrated adulthood with the Maasai by jumping straight up in the air.

This week’s summary.

Palak teaches us Kathak

On Saturday June 6th at International House in Philadelphia, Palak Singhee of Courtyard Dancers led an All Around This World Indian dance workshop for a handful of delighted families, introducing us to inspiring Kathak and Bollywood moves. We also learned to count in Hindi and how to smile as we spin.AATW--Palak at I House 2015-06-06 photo spread

Marriages, Masks and the Maghreb

This week in Explore Everywhere (June 1-June 7):

screenshot-vimeo com 2015-06-06 05-55-56

This week in Explore Everywhere, All Around This World’s online learning program we started adventuring around Africa in earnest by focusing on North and West Africa. In North Africa we celebrated the Imilchil marriage festival, which is the yearly prime time for Berber singles to meet and promise to be wed, and, when wooed, declared:


and in West Africa we made magnificent masks using construction paper, scissors and glue. If you don’t believe me — it all sounds too great, so why should you? — check out this week’s summary.

AATW--EE Quiz template AATW--EE North AfricaAATW--EE West Africa

Explore Everywhere kicks off: Meet Africa

exploreeverywhere horizontal

The first week of All Around This World’s daily online learning adventure, Explore Everywhere, started with a bang — the bang of a kpanlogo drum booming out all over the vast African continent. Click here for a summary.

AATW--Africa CLASSROOMS Everywhere Map (smaller for imagemap)This week was one of overviews and introductions:

— the first weekly “Five Song Sing-Along” class

the song we sing each class as our hello and goodbye

the songs on the All Around This World: Africa (Classrooms) CD, which we’ll use as our “textbook”

— lists of interesting books and movies set in Africa that we’re going to read and watch together as we go through the summer.

Each week I’ll post the week-end Explore Everywhere summary for everyone to enjoy, and occasionally post something based on the daily Explore Everywhere lesson. Much of the content will be for subscribers only, but if you’re not on the list, don’t fret — we’ll still find a way to have fun.