An inspiring global education for kids and their families.


All Around This World is a unique, interactive global music and world cultures program for children 0-9 years old  that encourages children and their families to explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. Jay Sand, guitarist and children’s music teacher, world traveler and dad of three girls developed All Around This World with his girls as a way to introduce them to the countries he’s already visited and the many more he plans to visit with them.



by Jay

Middle Eastern Drum Workshop for Kids (Philadelphia)

November 7--Joe Tayoun photo2

Philadelphia families joined master drummer (and master teacher) Joe Tayoun at Saturday, November 7th, at International House (37th and Chestnut), for a hands-on Middle Eastern drumming workshop for kids and their grown-ups.

This was the first workshop in this year’s All Around This World/International House series of participatory workshops for kiddos. Put the rest on your calendar!

— December 19th: Turkish folk songs
— January 9: Lebanese dance
— February 13: Flamenco dance and music
— March 5: Greek dancing
— April 9: Irish dancing
— May 21: Italian dancing and songs
— June 11: British Morris dancing

All Around This World and Kids Corner UNITE!

Kids Corner logoMany thanks to Kathy O’Connell of KIDS CORNER, America’s longest-running daily call-in radio show for kids, for welcoming Jay from All Around This World onto the radio! The first of SIX segments introducing kids to Africa, using songs from the two-CD, 32 song, All Around This World: Africa, aired Wednesday, October 21st, on WXPN 88.5 in Philadelphia and many affiliated stations.

If you’re in Philadelphia, have little kids (tiny infants to 4 year-olds) and want to join Jay Kathy O'Connelland the global adventures in music class, check out Jay’s All Around This World classes in West Philadelphia, or join Emily in classes in Fairmount and elsewhere.

If you’re not in Philly, you can still join in the fun! Check out All Around This World CDs or Musical Maps, or learn with Jay all week long through multimedia global lessons for kids through the Explore Everywhere online learning program.

For Your Consideration — All Around This World: Africa

All Around This World humbly submits, for the consideration of NARAS members who are eligible to vote in the upcoming 58th GRAMMY awards, All Around This World: Africa, a 32-song double CD set that introduces kids and their families to music and cultures from all over the continent. Visit the All Around This World: Africa “For Your Consideration” page to listen to a sampler or to the whole CD, to see liner notes and find each of the songs on an illustrated map, and to learn about the more than 40 musicians from all over the U.S. and 10 African nations who build the music with our bare hands. AATW--Africa CD cover by Sarajo (final--front)

Mali: Griots, Mud and the Super Rail

Mali Mud Cloth -- Try this at Home (Explore Everywhere)

After a hefty late summer break Explore Everywhere returned with a Malian adventure. Over the course of our expedition we sang the praises of Malian kings, made  mud cloths, sort of, rocked out in the desert with the Tuareg and found the heart (and the start?) of the Mississippi Delta blues.

Magnificent Morocco

Explore Everywehre--Let's Eat Moroccan Sweet Couscous

This week (August 10-16) Explore Everywhere took subscribers to Morocco where we mused about the King, met magical musicians and learned how to cook couscous.

Algeria is Amazing

This week (August 3-9) Explore Everywhere took subscribers to Algeria, a substantial North African nation where we befriended Berbers and Bedouins, Cheikas and Colonizers,
Fundamentalists and the French, Survivors and Saints. In our Algerian “During Dinner Playlist” we met all sorts of Algerian music, from Chaabi to Malouf to Rai.

Bravo, Burundi!


This week (July 27- August 2) we took a detour from our usual Explore Everywhere travels to test some quizzes and games for “big kids” (7 and up). What do you know about Burundi? Do you know ANYTHING about Burundi? Whatever you know, you’ll know a whole lot more after visiting All Around This World’s page on Try the “getting to know Burundi quiz first, then go to the folder labeled Burundi for more games. Hint: Start with the simpler quizzes, remember what you learned and the more challenging activities will be a breeze.

Ethiopia is EXCITING

Explore Everywehre--Let's Eat Ethiopian Food

This week (July 20-26) in Explore Everywhere all the learning we’re doing made us HUNGRY so we went out for Ethiopian food. On the way we learned about injera, wat and how to eat when in Addis. We also shook our shoulders while dancing the Eskista, and mellowed to Ethiopian jazz.

Let’s Travel to Tanzania

All Around This World--Tanzania (Celebrate Mwaka Kogwa)

This week (July 13-19) in Explore Everywhere we journeyed to the East African nation of Tanzania where we celebrated the new year by hitting each other with banana leaves and then hopped like Wagogo frogs.