Jay Sand teaching an All Around This World class

All Around This World is a unique, interactive global music and world cultures program for children 0-9 years old that encourages children and their families to explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. Jay Sand, guitarist and children’s music teacher, world traveler and dad of three girls developed All Around This World with his girls as a way to introduce them to the countries he’s already visited and the many more he plans to visit with them. Through CDs, concerts and workshops, dynamic online classes, engaging homeschool and classroom lessons, “musical maps” and participatory parent-child music-making Jay hopes to make the world a bit smaller one song at a time.

All Around This World is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of All Around This World must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donate here.

How to sing with Jay each week in your home or classroom Support All Around This World on Patreon Enjoy interactive All Around This World lessons in your home or classroom


NEW: If you AGREE with my mission . . .

This is announcement 4 of the promised 4 launch announcements this week. Support teaching tolerance to kids!

Today I’m announcing one last piece of what I can only hope will become a sustainable puzzle, working with the new online classes and the new interactive lessons and even the new YouTube channel to do good work while inspiring families that agree with my mission to support it . . . a presence on the artist-support site PATREON.

Here’s a video of me explaining how Patreon works. Patrons can support artists with as little as $1.
PatreonSupport All Around This World on Patreon -- Teaching tolerance to kids is a crowdfunding website that allows individuals to become “patrons” of independent artists by providing us with a small amount of recurring financial support — as little as $1 a month. Unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo which rev up for one big all-out push, Patreon supporters get down in the trenches with the artist, providing the unsexy yet essential gift of sustainable financing — the kind that enables artists to literally pay our rent.

Like many artists on Patreon I will ask for support from patrons not per month but “per creation,” meaning that every time I make a video, create a lesson, or develop some other worthwhile project teaching tolerance to kids, not only will you be able to receive the project for free, but I will receive your support. That will give me the means to get to work on the next video, and so on. Patrons can set a monthly top limit for support and unsubscribe any time.

— My $1 per creation patrons will receive perks aplenty including access to pre-release mp3s, behind-the-scenes videos and just-for-you lessons.

— For $2 per creation patrons will receive access to the password-protected teacher training video for each  weekly online class I’m teaching so they can know how to teach the topic at hand to their kids.

— My $3 per creation patrons will get access to the weekly online class.

— At $5 per creation patrons get the weekly online class and also also that week’s special interactive lesson plan.

For a mission-driven teacher like myself any level of reliable funding would make all the difference in the world.

NEW: Interactive lesson plans for your familiy, homeschool or classroom

All Around This World Amagunjju lesson -- Interactive lesson plans for kids for a family, homeschool or classroomAnother launch in a week packed with ’em. I’m really excited to announce a brand new All Around This World section of the website TeachersPayTeachers.com that makes over 60 inventive All Around This World interactive lesson plans for kids available to your family, homeschool or classroom. Want to learn to sing a song you heard on one of the All Around This World CDs? Did you see a dance on the new YouTube channel that you’d like to share with your family or school?

Each of these lesson plans for kids arrives as a clickable multimedia PDF and includes the password for a teacher training video to suggest how to teach it to infants to 9 year-olds.

Sing-along lessons include:

— an embedded mp3 of the song from an All Around This World CD
— a “bouncing ball” sing-along video so you can learn the song
— lyrics. Most songs have some words both in English and the original language
— musical notation

Celebrations, dances or project lessons include:

— step-by-step teaching procedures
— assessment and discussion suggestions
— common core and standards information

Learn about All Around This World’s lessons here.

Want an example? Teach your kids a Ugandan royal dance called the Amagunjju.

Students in my new weekly online classes get a free lesson to accompany the class each week.

NEW: All Around This World YouTube Channel for Famlies

It’s here! The All Around This World video vault has opened and there are now a hundred sing-along, dance-along, videos available for all to enjoy on All Around This World’s brand new YouTube channel for families. A full-on good time for kids of most ages, and I suspect if you watch enough you’ll learn a thing or two as well.

No one has watched the videos yet because I just made them public. I hope you like them and that you share.

Videos include:

— Sing-along and dance-along “how to” videos, like “Our Story May Be Sad” from Honduras and the Ugandan Amagunjju.

Garifuna song -- Our Story May Be Sad -- All Around This World YouTube channel for families Africa for Kids -- the Ugandan Amagunjju -- All Around This World YouTube channel for families

— kid-friendly introductions to cultural holiday celebrations and experiences, like the Zanzibari new year, “Mwaka Kowga” and Morocco’s Imilichil Marriage Festival. 

Teach Kids About Tanzania -- Mwaka Kogwa -- All Around This World YouTube channel for familiesMorocco for Kids -- The Imilchil Marriage Festival -- All Around This World YouTube channel for families

— hands-on projects for kids, like how to make a Moroccan sintir (sorta) and how to cook Ugandan flatbread

Morocco for Kids -- Make a Sintir -- All Around This World YouTube channel for familiesUganda for Kids -- Make Chapati -- All Around This World YouTube channel for families

— videos from recording sessions for the All Around This World CD and highlights from the All Around This World Global Orchestra

Mexico for Kids -- La Guacamaya-(Live) -- All Around This World YouTube channel for familiesAfghanistan for Kids -- Daweedam Live -- All Around This World Global Orchestra -- YouTube channel for families

— videos from the Sand Family’s 2016 summer tour, like an informal performance of “Ana Latu” from the Pacific islands in a park in Seattle and a chipper Mozambican “A Hiyeni” from a backyard show in Chicago.

The Pacific Islands for Kids -- Ana Latu Live -- All Around This World (The Sand Family in Seattle) -- YouTube channel for familiesAfrica for Kids -- A Hiyeni Live -- The Sand Family in Chicago -- YouTube channel for families

IF YOU WANT TO SING, DANCE AND EXPLORE THE WORLD with or without your kids, join me on YouTube. 

Find the All Around This World YouTube channel for families here.

Subscribe to the channel here.

NEW: Come to class online with Jay


Take a new global music class each week -- Come to class with Jay


FINALLY I’ve been teaching my All Around This World parent-child classes to enthusiastic families and school groups since 2009 but unless you live within a stone’s throw of my West Philadelphia classroom, you’ve been out of luck. If you’re a homeschooling family or just a family that wants to broaden its minds, or if you are involved with a preschool, daycare or other program for little kids that doesn’t offer interactive international music . . . . Today, you’re IN LUCK.

You can now “come to class” with your kids each week, singing and dance and exploring with me as your teacher, with a new class every week accessible by video in the comfort of your own living room or school classroom.

All Around This World Online Class -- Come to class with JayEach online class is 30-35 minutes and is full of multilingual musical fun. I post a new class Sunday night that is available for at any time on any device throughout the week. Beyond the classes you are able to access extensive background information about the songs we sing and the cultures we be visit, including password-protected “how-to” videos, suggestions for hands-on craft projects and many participatory ideas for ways to bring musical and cultural learning into your lives. Class will start soon, and when it does we will start by exploring countries and cultures from Latin America, then Africa, then South and Central Asia and beyond.

(If you have any connection with an educational institution for infants to 5 year-olds, including daycares, pre-Ks, kindergartens or any other kind of program, please help by making an introduction. I’ll follow through.)

I understand if you’re cautious about screen time, as am I. I designed my classes for infants to six year-olds to experience with their grown-ups and to come across as more of a video call with a relative than a snazzy music video.

Find class details here.

Four launches in four days

All Around This World in Missoula (summer 2016)
BIG LEAPS are finally happening for All Around This World. You can now connect with me and my global music classes and lessons and for kids in new and exciting ways.

The last few months sure have been rough for those of us who believe the world is a better place when we raise our children to embrace and respect others, especially those who are distant, different or diverse. Whatever your political leanings, I hope you agree with me that what we teach our kids about the world matters.

I for one am not giving up. In fact on inauguration day, Friday, January 20th, I decided to double down by making my All Around This World classes, lessons and sing-along videos available to all families online. This means a lot more ways for kids everywhere to meet the world through music. It also means even more intense work on my end to create these lessons, and a continued struggle to find the resources to sustain the project and my own family while doing it.

All Around This World comes to Alamosa, Colorado

Over the rest of the week I’m going to individually introduce one of my new All Around This World adventures with four separate posts, coming to you one a day. Whether you have little kids or not, whether you homeschool or are a classroom teacher or just support the work I do, there will be a path for you to make a difference with your engagement or support. Here are the announcements you can expect this week:


1. Take Class with Jay: FINALLY. You and your family or school classroom can now take class ONLINE each week with me as your teacher. Kids outside of West Philadelphia can now join me for weekly interactive classes that will introduce them to the world through music. Details coming Tuesday.

2. All Around This World on You Tube: You can now watch 100 All Around This World VIDEOS on YouTube — lots of international songs and silly dancing. Subscribe to the channel here. Details coming Wednesday.

3.  All Around This World on TeachersPayTeachers.com: You can now buy my INTERACTIVE LESSONS for your homeschool or classroom. Details coming Thursday.

4. Support mind-opening music for kids Patreon: You can now support my MISSION with just $1 “per creation.” Details coming Friday.

I’m also planning to come out of relative hibernation on social media, returning All Around This World fun to Facebook, Twitter on Pinterest. Oh, and INSTAGRAM. Everyone’s gotta put pictures on Instagram. (I just posted my first.) On Instagram I’m going to start by posting photos of my past-summer tour, working up to this summer’s concerts.

Much love and respect to all. Looking forward to everything.

Book Jay (and his kids?) for a show this summer

All Around This World Summer Tour 2016 -- Car Selfie, IowaAll Around This World Summer Tour 2016 -- Car Selfie, Chicago

All Around This World Summer Tour 2016 -- In San Francisco's Chinatown

Last summer my three girls and I ducked out of the rat race for the summer, piled instruments aplenty in to the family wagon and headed out west, seeing sights, making friends and playing concerts everywhere. For those of you who missed the updates, here’s the travelogue:


Last summer was the best ever so we planning to do it again. This time we’re mainly staying in the east, going from the tippy top most northern point of Maine as far south as we can in the Florida Keys.

Do you know anyone on the Sand Family 2017 summer tour route? Maybe someone connected to a community group, summer camp, homeschool co-op or other organization that would be open to having me teach there, or a family with a back yard that would get a kick out of hosting a family band house party? Here are our proposed dates:


All Around This World Summer Tour 2016 -- Selfie in CaliforniaAfter a mid-June swing-out to Pittsburgh/Cleveland/Detroit we’re going to hit Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, spend time in Northern and Southern Maine, then bounce down the coast from Boston (and the Cape) through Providence and New Haven to home. We’ll hang out a home for a couple weeks, then on the second leg we’ll head south, down through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia en route to Miami and back.

‘Twill be fun. We would love to visit any of your friends on the way.


All Around This World in Fairfax Virginia

The girls and I played the final show of our “Sands Across America” summer tour 2016 today as the headlining act of the massive “First Annual Back to School Fest” at historic Suter farm in Fairfax, Virigina.  The kids and I set up under a massive tree at the bottom of an incline, powered by an extension cord run by historic Cory Suter from his sheep barn, and played our hearts out for an enthusiastic crowd of back-to-schoolers.

Though we’re looking very much forward to reuniting with the rest of our family at historic cousin Dan’s wedding later this evening in Annapolis, we felt a thrilling sense of accomplishment at having conquered the country. And did we not also conquer ourselves? Conquer any fears we may have harbored of the unknown? And what about the known? That’s pretty scary too. And we conquered the heck out of it.




What can we do next year to rekindle this freedom, resume such bliss? Stay tuned.

All Around This World in Louisville, Kentucky


INSTRUMENTS! This is what happens when a mild-mannered kiddie world music teacher, not unlike yours truly, opens his bag of instrumental tricks — drums and rattles and shakers, oh my! — and pours the contents of said bag on the floor of a mind-mannered venue like the auditorium of the Main Branch of the Louisville Public Library and lets the kid in attendance go at ’em.

No kids were harmed in the photographing of this incident. One tambourine gave its life for the cause.

All Around This World in Kansas City


Two sets of musical adventures today in Kansas City, the first joining homeschooling families galore at All Souls Universalist Unitarian Church and the second, a smaller, quirky set at the Cotillion Room and Garden, a wedding hall in Independence with a mirrored ceiling, as you can see from the photo below. Overflowing gratitude to Dionna Ford for setting the wheels for these adventures in motion.