All Around This World is an inspiring global music and world cultures exploration for kids and their families.

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Help make the world much smaller by supporting the launch of “Explore Everywhere,” All Around This World’s ambitious new global music and world cultures educational program for kids and their families. “Explore Everywhere” will give kids ANYWHERE, from all economic backgrounds, unlimited online access to inspiring global music and engaging multicultural lessons that will help them open their minds, and their lives, to “the great out there.” CROWDFUNDING/SUBSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN RUNS UNTIL MAY 15.exploreeverywhere4


All Around This World is a unique, interactive global music and world cultures program for children 0-9 years old  that encourages children and their families to explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. Jay Sand, guitarist and children’s music teacher, world traveler and dad of three girls developed All Around This World with his girls as a way to introduce them to the countries he’s already visited and the many more he plans to visit with them.



by Jay

Global Junk Jam!

JunkManThis Earth Day, April 22nd, my friend and co-multicultural musical educator Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou joined me at the Philadelphia Montessori Charter School to make our own African sekeres and join several groups of percussionists online, acting as the Philadelphia site for Don “The JunkMan” Knaack’s annual Global Junk Jam. In tune with The JunkMan’s Earth-friendly mission, almost thirty 6-9 year-olds from Ms. Josloff’s classroom we made our instruments out of pre-used containers, then joined Don and other drummers in places around the U.S., including a touring Irish percussion ensemble, live through GoogleHangouts to jam together. Thanks to Don for the invitation and to PMCS for hosting the jam!

AATW--PMCS at Global Junk Jam 04-22-2015

Great times in Philly on Sunday, April 12

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the Rotunda in West Philadelphia for an All Around This World concert and Tweetathon on Sunday, April 12th. There was singing, dancing, video-debuting, and even some live tweeting. See the event as it unfolded through the eyes of Twitter.

AATW Africa CD (Classroom Edition) Wins Parents’ Choice Award

Huzzah! A banner day for the All Around This World: Africa Classroom CD. Stay tuned for release of even more African music from AATW — a full-on double CD with 32 songs from all over the continent, coming to you some time in May.

(draft) AATW--Africa CD front cover

Sing Along with Jay in Philly Sunday April 12

AATW--EE Singalong with Jay April 12

Philadelphia friends! Come out to the Rotunda in West Philly this Sunday, April 12th, at 10am, for some MUSICAL MERRIMENT. Join me for an all-request sing-along — call out your favorite songs and I’ll gladly oblige — and also enjoy debuts of a handful of videos from  All Around This World’s brand new YouTube channel, some of which star your kids. And get this. Everyone who comes to the show will be able to get on the “free forever” list for my new online learning program, “Explore Everywhere,” which will launch this spring. The free offer ends on April 15th. 

Bring your smartphones! Usually I ask everyone in my crowd to put away your technological devices and just join your kids where they are, in real life, in the moment, but Sunday will be a bit different. During the event we’ll have a great time together but I’ll also ask you to connect with your friends around the world. You’ll not only tell them you’re having a musical mid-day at the Rotunda, you’ll also remind them they can sign up for the online program and get the freebie too.

The Rotunda is at 4014 Walnut. The show is free free free. See you Sunday.


Ago! Ame!

So much fun learning a Ghanaian dance today (Saturday, April 4th) with Adwoa Tacheampong at an All Around This World African dance workshop for families at International House Philly.

We started with the Akan attention-getting call and response chant — the leader calls AGO! and everyone responds AME! According to the trusty internet we have Dr. Chuck Davis, the Artistic Director of the African American Dance Ensemble which is currently located in Durham, North Carolina, to thank for popularizing Ago!/Ame! in the U.S. Whether or not that’s true, and whether or not you’re an artistic director of your very own African-American dance ensemble, try it — it works. For twitter

African dance workshop for families April 4th — AATW-Philly

Join AATW Philadelphia at 2pm on Saturday, April 4th, for an African dance and movement workshop with the wonderful Adwoa Tachampong: Adwoa for aatw site2

Adwoa presented an African dance workshop as part of one of the first All Around This World events ever — a day of diverse African cultural workshops I co-sponsored with Crossroads Music way back in 2010 called “Kids Explore Africa.” Our kids were all so tiny then!

Click here for a very pretty pdf listing the many upcoming All Around This World Philly workshops and events.

Revving up to Explore Everywhere

exploreeverywhere4Big things are about to happen for All Around This World.

Over the last few months I’ve been developing a new version of the program that will take All Around This World beyond a few local classrooms and make the dynamic multimedia content available to everyone, everywhere, on a daily basis. I’m calling it “Explore Everywhere.” You can check it out here. I’ve been testing out content for the last couple months on a small set of brave subscribers and I’m excited about the results. I’m now eager to open subscriptions to the public…though not quite yet. Watch this space and stay tuned for dates, timelines and an upcoming freebie deal that will be an offer you can’t refuse.

January 31st — Listen to jay on the Hilltown Families Variety Show

hilltown families 3Do you listen to the Hilltown Family Variety Show? If not, you must!

The Hilltown Family Variety Show is a fascinating radio program and podcast that entertains and educates you and your kids by inviting a different guest dj each week to create an hour-long program based on his or her favorite musical theme. Recent guests include Nick Deysher of The Nick of Time whose program, “Kickin’ It Old School,” treated listeners to an eclectic variety of American music genres like big band Jazz, Americana and classic rock, Tito Uquillas of the band, The Hipwaders, whose hour featured music from San Francisco Bay Area family bands, and my personal favorite,  Andrés Salguero of ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!., whose podcast introducing Latin American music will bring a musical smile to your face.

I was delighted when Hilltown Family Variety Show host Sienna Wildfield invited me to join this illustrious group of musical guests with my own tour of African music, traveling with listeners all over the continent — north and south, east and west. Tune in to 103.3FM WXOJ on Hilltown Families - Supporting Education Through Community Engagement in Western MassachusettsNorthampton, MA, on Saturday, January 31st, from 9-10am to listen to some of my favorite African artists, and give a special sneak preview of songs in styles like Guinean drumming, Cape Verdean samba and Ugandan kadongo kamu that will appear on the upcoming CD, All Around This World: Africa.

If you miss the live broadcast you can find the archived podcasts any time at


Goodness gracious, what a year!

2014. 2014. 2014!

Thinking back on all the good times All Around This World had in the past year, but also very much ahead to 2015. Sure, in 2014 this little global music program for kids made some great strides, like:

– starting the year by announcing the results of a successful crowdfunding campaign

having the AATW: Latin America CD honored by the Parents Choice Awards

introducing a full world cultures curriculum for preschool and elementary school classrooms and connecting with several schools to pilot test the program this fall.

– recording over the course of the year with extraordinary African, Caribbean and South and Central Asian artists. All Around This World: Africa  is mixed and mastered and will be ready for release this spring.

– getting the personal honor to perform alongside Ella Jenkins at the National Association for the Education of Young Children national convention in November…

but 2015 is going to be even better. There are so many adventures yet to come.

Happy new year!