MISTAKES! Oh, there are so many mistakes in the All Around This World curriculum. Well, there must be. All Around This World’s curriculum is expansive, consisting of over 250 songs that originate from over 100 countries. Jay Sand, the program’s founder and lead teacher, has done everything within his abilities as a researcher and thoughtful educator to confirm that every nuance of every tiny bit of this material, from the music to the lyrics to the dance moves to the details of holiday celebrations to the background information about all of the above is not only factually accurate but also resonates with the truth of the peoples who created it.

Yet there have been, and will be MISTAKES. Mistakes about historical facts. Mistakes about language and lyrical interpretations. Musical mistakes. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

If you find a mistake in any of All Around This World’s material, please contact Jay right away with details. If it is a simple factual error Jay will correct it right away. If it is an error that is more nuanced, like a question about the interpretation of a song, Jay will humbly admit when he has gotten something wrong.

Jay asks that you join him in his mission as an educator and share your advanced knowledge so All Around This World can be a reliable place for families and educators alike to turn when they want to share the world’s music with young kids. Please find MISTAKES. Jay learn from them, fix them, and strive to never make them again.