Lebanon seems like a heck of a nice place to visit. LonelyPlanet.com’s Lebanon page speaks highly of the country, saying it has “all of the Middle East’s best bits – warm and welcoming people, mind-blowing history and considerable culture,” suggesting you could explore ancient ruins in the a.m., spend the evening eating a tasty mezze, then go to dance the night away at any one of the country’s many, many chic nightclubs. (That’s right. You and your kids. Dancing all night.)

TravelBlog.org’s Lebanon Page offers over 250 Lebanese travel blogs to help you explore the country without even leaving your living room, though if that’s way too many choices for you to get a sense of anything at all, follow LonelyPlanet.com’s hand-picked Lebanese travel blogs through its BlogSherpa program, such as Georgia Dargham’s “Ginger Beirut,” who will tell you the “five things [she] learnt while in a Lebanese hospital” including the fact that delivering a baby in Lebanon can be a laughing matter, and “corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler” Sherry’s “Ottsworld/Lebanon,” in which she suggests seeing the country by living with a Lebanese host family through the GeoVisions Conservation Corps rather than just following the tourist path. You may not get a chance to see all the sites, but you may still have the opportunity to buy underwear.


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