Lesson 7: Honduras

All Around This World’s exploration of Latin America includes sing-along, dance-along classroom and homeschool lessons about Honduras for kids . . . Meet the world through music –“come to class” with Jay.

All Around This World map of Latin America featuring Honduras for kids

This week in music class All Around This World ventures to Honduras, a naturally beautiful and racially diverse Central American nation. We will admire Honduras for its musical and cultural traditions and hope to make it through class without a single abrupt transformation of power . . . 


OVERVIEW: “About 1500 years ago the land we now know as Honduras was the site of a major Mayan kingdom known as Xukpi(Copán) . . .”

MUSIC: “Honduran music varies from traditional salsa, merengue and reggaeton to distinctly Garinagu yet still quite diverse Punta . . .”

LANGUAGE: “Spanish is the most prominent language in Honduras but about 120,00 Hondurans speak Garifuna, a language of the Garinagu/Garifuna people who live along the Atlantic Coast in several Central American countries.

WHEN YOU GO THERE: “Lonely Planet’s entry on Honduras extols the virtues of the country’s beaches, bird-watching and, of course, its howler monkeys.  (Who could say anything bad about  howler monkeys?)

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